As an industry leading supplier of motorsport brands and products from around the globe for nearly 10 years, V-Sport understands the demand for quality products and information.

As racers ourselves, we know our products inside and out because we regularly test them on our own cars.

In addition to fully understanding our current range of products, we regularly attend events in order to evolve our stock of high quality racing products and accessories. This ensures that we are always your top source for the leading brands of high performance and competition brake pads and discs, including AP Racing and Brembo brakes.

Your Source for All Things Motorsport

While we are best known for supplying high performance and competition race brakes and accessories, V-Sport is also heavily involved in several other aspects of motorsport, meaning we can offer you comprehensive support and service.
  • Products – From race brakes to race gear and accessories, we carry everything for motorsport enthusiasts and professionals. V-Sport carries an extensive stock of the leading high performance and competition brands, such as AP racing brake pads and Brembo brake discs, which are trusted by the professionals at the local and international level.
  • Industry – We have a commitment to keep up with the industry by continually incorporating innovative new technologies – such as GoPro – into our stock of available products as well as the services we perform in the shop and on the track.
  • Service – Our workshop is outfitted with the technology to fit any of our products, including race brakes and high performance street upgrades from Brembo and AP Racing. Our team can prepare any vehicle for the track as well as provide technical support for your state-level team on race day.

Fuel Your Performance

Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team for the latest advice on how to get your vehicle running at peak performance. We can advise you on the most suitable parts for your vehicle and help with installation.